News Round-up Week Ending 21 December 2018

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

victoria-kindle-coverNew thriller with supernatural horror elements, Victoria, from Jason Parent’s What Lies Within universe, out today

Released through Bloodshot Books and featuring exquisite cover art by Mikio Murakami, Victoria is a standalone novel, set in the same universe as Jason Parent’s arachnid horror novel, What Lies Within.  The titular character, Victoria has long been travelling the world, accompanied by Chester, the spider that lives inside her head. Together they have terrorised communities until, aged sixteen, Victoria wants to go it alone. Chester, though, has other ideas. You can pick up this slice of supernatural horror-tinged thriller now, wherever you buy books.

Zena-the-Zombie-Cover-2-F-100Available now from Telos Publishing, Zena the Zombie is the colouring story book for all your young horror fans

Written by Martin Baines, David J. Howe and Sam Stone, Zena the Zombie is the zombie-infected colouring book for any horror-obsessed kids this Christmas.  The product of countless discussions at conventions over the years, the book features the art of Baines, which vividly brings to life the storytelling prowess of Howe and Stone and leaves the colour coding up to your future horror writers. Order it for your child’s stocking, here.

MANITOU1978 film adaptation of Graham Masterton’s novel The Manitou, starring Tony Curtis has just been released on Blu-ray

New to Blu-ray is the re-release of the 1978 film of Graham Masterton’s 1975 novel, The Manitou.  The film is beautifully presented for Blu-ray and also includes a video interview in which the author talks, alongside author Dawn G. Harris about Stranglehold, a horror story they have co-written and their ongoing collaborations. Look out for the Blu-Ray release, which should be hitting stores very soon.


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