News Round-up Week Ending 2 April 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


John F. D. Taff’s The Fearing quartet of novellas coming 25 May in a single volume

Multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominated author John F.D. Taff’s sprawling, apocalyptic epic The Fearing was called “the event of the year” when it was originally released as four standalone novellas: Fire & Rain, Water & Wind, Air & Dust, and Earth & Ember. Now, here for the first time, all four parts have finally come together with an altered timeline in this collected edition of The Fearing. Includes a special introduction from a Grand Master of Horror, the esteemed Ray Garton, author of Ravenous, Live Girls and many more novels. Available for pre-order ahead of its 25 May release, you can assure yourself of your copy here.

Nocturnal SalvationNocturnal Salvation, the third instalment in Villimey Mist’s ‘Nocturnal’ vampire series, out now

Leia Walker has become the monster she feared. Turned into a vampire against her will, she struggles to adjust while protecting her younger brother. Across the world, humans and vampires are becoming bloodthirsty—feral beasts spawned by Adam Levant, a dangerous sun-immune vampire. The people of Europe don’t know that their fate hinges on a young woman and her group of vampires and vampire hunters. Time is ticking, and Leia must find a cure for Adam’s deadly blood. Her search leads to a reluctant alliance between her vampire guardians and the Owls, the hunters. Together, they venture to Atlanta to find a toxicologist from Adam’s past. Caught between chasing a cure and holding on to her sanity, can Leia find a way to control her Hunger and stop Adam for good… or will she doom her fellow vampires and the rest of the world? Available in paperback and eBook versions, you can pick up your copy here.

The Nothing that isThe Nothing That Is, the debut novella by Kyle Winkler, coming 11 May

It’s 1986. Cade McCall is an assistant manager for a catering business. Driving to work one morning, part of the local graveyard explodes. Later the same day, Cade gets an odd message from a client who needs catering for an Extreme Food Club. He calls himself Mr. Dinosaur. And he’s paying $11,000. Despite Cade’s reservations, he takes the gig. Although, who’s feeding whom is another question entirely…Involving female biker gangs, cults, possessed furniture, and a full dose of cosmic horror, The Nothing That Is serves up the weird. Available for pre-order in eBook format, with the paperback coming shortly, you can guarantee your copy of Winkler’s debut novella here, now.

Welcome Home NatalieOut now from writer Reyna Young and Demain Publishing, Welcome Home Natalie

Natalie did the one thing she never wanted to do; go back home. She didn’t have a very good childhood and her mother was the worse person to walk the face of the earth. But now that Mother is dead she must go back home and face the demons she ran away from all those years ago. That includes not only the house she grew up in but her malicious stepbrother, the boy she left behind and finding out exactly why her father left without taking her with him. With each day passing and something lurking within the shadows of the house, she learns more then she bargained for as every time night falls someone is trying to tell her something … Available in eBook format, with a paperback to follow soon, you can grab your copy here, now.

Nine GhostsOut now from writer Simon Bestwick and Black Shuck Books, Nine Ghosts, a mini-collection of short stories

Out now from Black Shuck Books is Nine Ghosts, book twenty-five in their single author mini-collection series, this time featuring Simon Bestwick (RothsteyrThe Feast of All Souls). Featuring nine short stories in a pocket sized collection, you can pick up Nine Ghosts in eBook and paperback formats, here.


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