News Round-up Week Ending 14 June 2019

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Night WavesComing 28 June from author David Irons, Night Waves, from Cosmic Egg Books

From UK author David Irons comes Night Waves, a tale of horror set on England’s south coast. When an offshore drilling rig accidentally strikes something old and terrible, sea sirens begin making their way onto the shore, looking for human bodies to possess. Model Kirsten Costello is attacked on a night walk under Brighton pier and subsequently finds herself pursued by the creatures. She must find a way to fight back, counting on her friends and a medium to find a way to escape their clutches. Released 28 June, Night Waves is available for pre-order right now, here.

bloodyaxe_fbthumbnailWildclaw Theatre’s ‘Deathscribe’ contest is open for submissions for 2019

Once again, the Wildclaw Theatre have opened their annual ‘Deathscribe’ contest. What they are looking for is a ten-minute audio drama script in the horror genre. Once submissions close, the panel will whittle the pack down to a shortlist of five dramas, each of which will be performed onstage in front of a panel of celebrity judges, with a live band present to supply music and sound effects to your masterpiece. The judges will choose the winning drama and the author will receive $100 and the coveted bloody axe award (pictured). For all the information on how to submit, as well as the archive of previous winners, go to the Deathscribe website, here. Good luck!

CharnelCavesNew from Guy N. Smith and The Sinister Horror Company, The Charnel Caves, out 22 June

After an underwater nuclear experiment went wrong in 1975, giant crabs were spawned and began to attack people on the coastline of Wales. Eventually, the crustacean invaders were defeated, only to pop up again in various sites around the world’s oceans, wreaking havoc. It was thought they had finally been defeated, eradicated once and for all. But now, a few survivors have returned to the welsh coast an are breeding, ready for the next attack. Guy N. Smith, author of Killer Crabs and The Slime Beast comes a new work of creature-based terror. Released through The Sinister Horror Company on 22 June, The Charnel Caves is available for pre-order now, here.


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