Meet The Writer Interview: Matthew Pritchard

Matthew Pritchard

Matthew Pritchard worked as a journalist in Spain for ten years, mainly for the ex-pat press, but also for UK nationals. While resident in Spain he perfected his craft as a writer. Now living in the UK once more, he plans to write full-time.

What first attracted you to horror writing?

As a teenager I discovered the works of HP Lovecraft and came to relish the sense of dread horror writing could inspire. After that, I began to read people like Stephen King, James Herbert and Clive Barker.

9781907773600_200What is your most notable work?

My debut novel, Scarecrow, has just been released. This is a novel set in Spain and England in which my journalist character, Danny Sanchez, pits his wits against a serial killer.

What are you working on now?

I am currently negotiating a deal to publish my second novel, Werewolf, which is a psychological thriller set in post-war Germany. After that I will be finishing another Danny Sanchez novel, entitled Broken Arrow.

Who do you admire in the horror world?

Stephen King’s book, On Writing, is the best book I have ever read on the subject of writing professionally. I found it really inspirational.

Do you prefer all out gore or psychological chills?

Psychological chills. All out gore very quickly loses its impact. The threat of imminent danger is normally far scarier than seeing that danger realised. However, I do also love a good zombie splatterfest.

Why should people read your work?

I research my subject matter very carefully, which means my books have a ring of authenticity to them. My prose style is also very stripped down and free from clutter, which means the action moves along fast.

Recommend a book.

I have just finished Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it’s not strictly a horror novel, there is definitely a vague sense of threat running through the text. Besides that, it is beautifully written and quite unlike anything I have ever read before.


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