Look Out For … To Rouse Leviathan by Matt Cardin

To Rouse Leviathan by Matt Cardin - cover

“Cardin has forged his own way through the Weird, his work unpredictable and extremely personal.” 

Horror, art, and religion intersect in a malicious universe determined to destroy us all. Combining the spiritual and the cosmic, Matt Cardin’s terrifying vision is unleashed.

Let those sorcerers who place a curse on days curse that day, those who are skilled to rouse Leviathan.” —Job 3:8

Why we’re excited about this book:

Matt Cardin is one of the few writers universally accepted as a successor to the work of Thomas Ligotti. Never content with mere homage or imitation, his fiction is stamped deep with his own brand of existential horror. Cardin has forged his own way through the Weird, his work unpredictable and extremely personal. Editor of Horror Literature through History (2017), Born to Fear: Interviews with Thomas Ligotti (2014), and co-editor of Vastarian, this volume contains the entirety of his previous fiction collections Divinations of the Deep and Dark Awakenings, as well as new tales, including a new novella co-written with Mark McLaughlin.

Why Matt’s excited about this book: 

“I’ve been writing about the interactions and intersections of religion, horror, and art for more than two decades now, and To Rouse Leviathan brings together literally everything I’ve had to say about these things as a fiction writer. Many of the stories in it were practically ripped out of me by some pointedly dark, difficult, and nightmarish spiritual experiences. After such a long delay—it’s been nine years since my last fiction collection—I’m glad the readers who have been asking about my next book will finally have this one, which offers a fairly complete vision of the various ways that religion, religious experience, and the workings of the deep dreaming mind of the creative artist can all rip away the veil to show something dreadful lurking at the foundation of the world and the center of one’s soul. Basically, the book stands as something like my own personal New Dark Testament.”

Forthcoming from Hippocampus Press, To Rouse Leviathan by Matt Cardin will be released to the world 20 August 2019 and is available for pre-order now.


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