Look Out For … The Hidden by Melanie Golding

The Hidden by Melanie Golding - cover

“Golding’s sophomore effort twists Celtic mythology to new heights with a terrifying story about the power of motherhood.” 

In a seaside town, a little girl is found. The authorities close the case when the girl’s mother shows up … just a toddler running off in the night.

Police discover a man left for dead in his apartment. Everyone thought Gregor was a single man, but when children’s toys are found in his apartment, there are more questions than answers.

Ruby watches Gregor’s apartment every night. She knows about his secret family … his strangely silent daughter, and Constance, his mentally unstable wife. Constance claims she is descended from mythological Selkies. She asks Ruby to help her find the sealskin Gregor hid from her. Without it, she cannot return to her people.

Investigating Gregor’s assault, DS Joanna Harper sifts through CCTV footage of the mother and daughter pair found in town. She knows the woman as well as she knows herself … her estranged daughter, Ruby. No matter how deep Ruby’s involvement is, she will always choose her daughter over her career.

Why we’re excited about this book:

Melanie Golding has been on the horror fiction scene since 2019. A graduate of the creative writing program of Bath Spa University in the UK, Golding has won numerous awards for her short fiction. She is the author of Little Darlings, soon be a major motion picture. Golding’s sophomore effort twists Celtic mythology to new heights with a terrifying story about the power of motherhood. Rachel Harrison (The Return) calls The Hidden “A lush, hypnotic page-turner that illuminates the beauty of Selkie mythology and the horror of real monsters. Dark, twisty, and absolutely chilling.” Damien Angelica Walters (The Dead Girls Club) says: “The Hidden is a dark and captivating blend of folktale and thriller. Beautifully written with compelling characters, it grabs you from the very first page. Melanie Golding has crafted a  riveting story difficult to put down and impossible to forget.”, and Christopher Golden says: “A beautifully original thriller. Melanie Golding injects lonely, mournful Celtic myth into a breathless tale of murder, desperation, and the nature of motherhood. The result is seamless, and utterly compelling.”

Releasing 9 November 2021 from Crooked Lane Books, The Hidden by Melanie Golding is available for pre-order now.




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