Look Out For … The Demon of Devil’s Cavern by Brennan LaFaro

The Demon of Devil's Cavern by Brennan Lafaro - cover“With his latest, LaFaro returns to Buzzard’s Edge and the world of Rory Daggett with a horrifying tale of betrayal and survival.”

It’s been six months since the death of Noose Holcomb, and now Buzzard’s Edge sits in an uneasy quiet. Can a town that brims with such hatred stay peaceful?

Forced into exile, Rory Daggett and his mute adopted daughter, Alice, are framed for a crime they didn’t commit.

The new sheriff and an infamous killer-for-hire are tracking Rory and Alice’s every move, they are forced to choose between beginning anew and saving the very town that has betrayed them.

Why we’re excited about this book:

After just a few years, Brennan LaFaro has made quite a name for himself in the horror fiction world. The author of Noose: A Rory Daggett Story, the Slattery Falls trilogy, Last Stay, and the short-story collection Illusions of Isolation, LaFaro’s short fiction has appeared in such publications as Blackberry Blood: A Dark Selection of Poetry and Fiction, Inside the Indie Horror World, Dark Disasters: A Dark Dozen Anthology, The Encyclopocalypse of Legends and Lore: Volume One, and Hot Iron and Cold Blood: An Anthology of the Weird West. LaFaro is also the cohost of the Dead Headspace podcast. With his latest, LaFaro returns to Buzzard’s Edge and the world of Rory Daggett with a horrifying tale of betrayal and survival. John Lynch (The Warrior Retreat) says: “LaFaro returns to the world of Buzzard’s Edge with both six shooters reloaded and ready to fire. The Demon Of Devil’s Cavern sees LaFaro at his best, combining the western adventure horror of Noose with all the heart of his Slattery Falls trilogy for his best book yet.”, and Jonathan Maberry (Cave 13, The Sleepers War) says: “The Demon of Devil’s Cavern is a wild ride along some very dark trails in a weird version of the Old West. Fast-paced and highly entertaining. Brennan LaFaro comes out with both guns blazing!”

Why Brennan’s excited about this book: 

The Demon of Devil’s Cavern is more sprawling, bloodier, and meaner than its predecessor, with an even bigger heart this time around. This book allowed me to revisit a few of my favorite characters, then sink my teeth into that world and see what the next chapter held for them.”

Unleashing from DarkLit Press 20 April 2023, The Demon of Devil’s Cavern by Brennan LaFaro is available for pre-order now.


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