Look Out For … Six Scary Stories selected by Stephen King

Look Out For … Six Scary Stories selected by Stephen King

The stories will make you think twice before cuddling up to your old soft toy, dipping your toe into the water, or counting the spots on a leopard.”

Stephen King discovered these stories when he judged a competition run by Hodder & Stoughton and the Guardian to celebrate publication of his own collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. He was so impressed with the entries that he recommended they be published together in one book, which Cemetery Dance Publications and Hodder & Stoughton are making a reality. The six stories are:

  • Wild Swimming by Elodie Harper
  • Eau-De-Eric by Manuela Saragosa
  • The Spots by Paul Bassett Davies
  • The Unpicking by Michael Button
  • La Mort De L’Amant by Stuart Johnstone
  • The Bear Trap by Neil Hudson

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

Given Stephen King’s knack for spinning a compelling yarn or two over the years, it’s a fairly safe bet that anything literary that impresses him enough to put his name to is going to be both interesting and entertaining. Equally, Cemetery Dance are renowned for their impeccable taste when it comes to horror fiction, so joining forces with King to release this collection can only be a good thing.

Six Scary Stories is out now from Cemetery Dance in eBook, paperback and hardcover and can be ordered here.


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