Look Out For … Ghosts of Christmas Past by Various Authors

Look Out For … Ghosts of Christmas Past by Various Authors

“Curl up with a compendium of chilling Yuletide tales.”

A present contains a monstrous secret.

An uninvited guest haunts a Christmas party.

A shadow slips across the floor by firelight.

A festive entertainment ends in darkness and screams.

Who knows what haunts the night at the dark point of the year? This collection of seasonal chillers looks beneath Christmas cheer to a world of ghosts and horrors, mixing terrifying modern fiction with classic stories by masters of the macabre. From Neil Gaiman and M. R. James to Muriel Spark and E. Nesbit, there are stories here to make the hardiest soul quail – so find a comfy chair, lock the door, ignore the cold breath on your neck and get ready to welcome in the real spirits of Christmas.

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

The nights are drawing in, Halloween is almost upon us, and that means that Christmas isn’t far behind, so what better time to curl up with a compendium of chilling Yuletide tales. Featuring modern stories by the likes of Neil Gaiman alongside classic tales from old masters such as M R James, Ghosts of Christmas Past will scare you out of your Christmas stockings.

Ghosts of Christmas Past is out on 7 November 2017 and is available from Amazon.



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