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Joseph D’Lacey Interview: April 2012

Joseph D'LaceyCongratulations on your new deal with Timeline Books, how did this come about?

JDL: I had an email from Editor/Owner, Simon Key, who said he wanted to publish one of my books. Initially, he wasn’t sure what kind of book. When he later told me he wanted a collection of my short fiction, it was like an answered prayer – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The collection will be limited edition, numbered and signed.

I first met Simon about four years ago during the MEATWAGON tour when he was opening The Big Green Bookshop. He read MEAT and has been a fan and supporter ever since. Being approached by editors makes a real change from the usual palaver, I can tell you.

When were the stories written for the new collection?

JDL: They’ve been written over the past eleven years. Some are from way back but the ink’s still drying on others.

What is the new collection called?

JDL: Now you’ve got me! We haven’t decided yet. Should finalise that over the next few weeks.

Is there a particular theme to the stories in the new collection?

JDL: Not really – other than to say that Simon likes it dark and edgy. I can confidently tell you it’s a horror collection.

Will readers be treated to eco horror this time around?

JDL: There’ll be shades of it but nothing overt, I don’t think. That said, there will probably be some themes arising from the ‘natural’ world.

When is the release date?

JDL: Late September…

Does the new deal include the publication of any other books through Timeline Books?

JDL: Not at this time, but we’ll see.

Meat by Joseph D'LaceyHow is the MEAT movie project progressing and who else is involved?

JDL: Actually, it’s going well. We’re completely re-thinking our approach and I’ll be involved at every stage. This means my team will have total creative control over the project and, even though it’s likely to be a low budget affair, we’ll make the film we want to make. I’ll announce the individuals heading up the production crew a little further down the line but they’re all people I have great confidence in, people with real skill and commitment to the film.

How true to the original novel will MEAT the movie be?

JDL: Very true. It won’t be the same – that would be a mistake – but it will be the story the book’s readers are familiar with, made to work for the big screen. I can’t wait to get stuck into it.


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