Behind The Lens

Quick interviews with actors, directors, producers and others involved within the film industry.




The Shrine Soundtrack by Ryan ShoreBehind The Sound

We interview composers and musicians within the horror genre.





Adam Nevill by Tania GlydeFeatured interviews

Our in-depth interviews with some of the greatest figures in horror today.





Ink on InkInk on Ink

We talk to people within the horror industry who have a love for all things related to tattoos and body art. We also talk to tattoo artists that specialise in horror tattoos.




Zombie bunny by Manon DelacroixMeet The Artist

Horror artists talk about the craft.





Spectral PressMeet The Publisher

Learn about publishers within the genre in these quick and informative interviews.





Meet The WriterMeet The Writer

Meet The Writer is one of our most popular sections. It’s a great way to learn about who’s who within horror quickly. Pay special attention to the last question for some great book recommendations.

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