TIH 017: Stephen Graham Jones on What You Can and Can’t Learn From Creative Writing, Slasher Movies and Self-Doubt

Stephen Graham Jones

In this podcast we interview the award-winning author Stephen Graham Jones. We talk about his latest novel Not For Nothing, his This Is Horror chapbook The Elvis Room, Richard Thomas’ forthcoming anthology The New Black, zombies, the slasher genre and much more.


[00:50] Stephen Graham Jones introduction and early career

[03:50] What you can and can’t learn in a Creative Writing programme

[05:08] Advice for new writers

[06:00] Spanning different genres

[07:00] Writing in the second person

[12:10] Exploring new genres

[16:40] Zombie Bake Off: Pro wrestling and zombies

[19:20] The Zombie Renaissance

[25:00] Staying on top of everything and keeping productive

[27:00] Drafting and redrafting

[32:20] Dealing with self doubt

[34:49] First novel

[40:00] The Elvis Room

[42:00] Belief in the supernatural

[43:20] Scaring people

[44:30] The Last Final Girl

[47:40] Slasher films

[51:35] Scream sequels

[55:50] The Velvet

[58:50] Social media

[01:01:24] Self-publishing

[01:04:40] Going back to old work

[01:06:10] Stephen’s current reading list

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Resources and recommendations

 Buy The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones (UK)

 Buy The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones (US)

 Buy Stephen Graham Jones fiction (UK)

 Buy Stephen Graham Jones fiction (US)


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  1. Finally had the time to listen to this – great stuff, very interesting. Really liked the Scream chat in particular as I have a special fondness for that film (self-aware meta stuff really floats my boat). Agree whole-heartedly with Scream 4 comments.

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