5 Must Read Horror Articles 5 May 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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You’re Killing Me: The Driving Factor Behind 1970s Horror

It was the decade in which Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party took charge of the United Kingdom, Jethro Tull were a force to be reckoned with, and bell-bottomed pants were the only trousers you could buy (buy two, get a free turtle-neck sweater!). It was also a decade of great horror, but why were 1970s horror films so damn great? Horrormovies.ca investigates.

Genre Gut-Punches: The Death of Laurie Strode

As one of the original ‘final girls’ Laurie Strode was certainly put through the wringer by her crazed brother, Shatner-faced lunatic Michael Myers. After surviving several encounters with Myers (and one with Busta Rhymes), Laurie Strode was unceremoniously killed to death. In this article, Icons of Fright takes a closer look at the character and her unfortunate demise.

Rubber, Road, Brains and Souls: 5 Killer Car Flicks That Will Never Be Forgotten

There’s nothing worse than being hunted in the middle of the night by two tonnes of twisted steel. Except, perhaps, two tonnes of twisted steel with no-one behind the wheel. In this article, Dread Central looks at five of the best killer car movies. The 2010 French horror-comedy, Rubber, apparently didn’t feature enough of the car to qualify.

Why Horror Isn’t Doomed

Horror has had a tough time at the box office recently, with The Quiet Ones, Oculus, and Devil’s Due all underperforming, but should we be worried? According to this article from Bloody Disgusting, not in the slightest.

Toys of Terror #6

Fangoria’s Toys of Terror series continues with a look at Neca’s 7″ Videogame Freddy Krueger, Pop!’s vinyl Xenomorph, and a set of Dexter coasters that will keep blood off any surface.


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