TIH 004: Joseph D’Lacey on Splinters, Planning and Recurring Themes

Joseph D'Lacey

In this podcast Michael Wilson and John Costello interview Joseph D’Lacey with a particular focus on his short story collection from Timeline Books, Splinters.


[0:33] Interview with Joseph D’Lacey

[0:55] The selection process and how Splinters came to be

[2:49] Splinters and the personal

[4:00] Altar Girl

[8:00] To plan or not to plan

[9:00] The editing of the stories

[10:14] Favourite stories in Splinters

[11:32] Richard Kellum’s reading of ‘Son of Porn’ [Please note: The audio recording is in podcast episode 003 not this episode]

[13:20] Personal fears brought to life in Splinters

[15:00] Recurring themes

[19:30] The most recent stories

[21:30] Is the short form taken seriously?

[29:00] The difference in approach when writing a short story as opposed to a novel

[34:11] The result of extending Garbage Man

[35:50] Commercial considerations and the saleability of projects

[39:30] The Quiet Ones

[41:44] Early influences and breaking into the writing industry

[45:35] The influence of cinema

[48:00] Visual influence

[49:00] Which book should a new reader read?

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