5 Must Read Horror Articles – 12 March 2013

Alien 3Welcome, once again, to Must Read Horror. You want great horror articles? This is the place to find the best the web has to offer. This week:

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5 Troma Films Every Horror Fan Must See

Since 1974, Lloyd Kaufman and Troma have been putting out low-budget horror in abundance. The studio has become one of the largest independent film studios and distributors as a result. Who could forget such classics as Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead, or Surf Nazis Must Die? This article from FearNet takes a look at five of the best.

In Defense Of Alien 3

For a lot of fans, the third entry in the Alien franchise was the weakest. After the action-packed carnage of James Cameron’s Aliens, Alien 3 opted for the more atmospheric and claustrophobic tension of the original. This article makes a case for the movie, and why it is not the unmitigated disaster some disappointed fans believe it to be.

Stealth Is Hanging Around, But Can Survival Horror Make A Comeback?

Following the recent announcement for the rebooted Thief, a third-person stealth adventure intended for release on the PS4, this article at PS3.MMGN looks at whether survival horror games, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, can make a successful comeback.

John Carpenter’s The Fog: A Retrospective

John Carpenter’s 1980 film about an ominous, glowing fog sweeping over a small, coastal town is often recognised as one of his best works. This retrospective from Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies takes a closer look at the movie, its characters and what the author believes to be a somewhat botched conclusion.

In Memoriam Arthur Machen: Celebrating 150 Years Of Horror And Ecstasy

This article over at Patheos.com takes a look at the life of one of horror’s most influential writers, Arthur Machen, and his writing career, which spanned fifty years.


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