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Ghostwatch cast

The organisers of Autumn: Horror in the East convention are proud to announce that they will be screening Stephen Volk’s controversial BBC drama Ghostwatch at this year’s festival. Ghostwatch was shown once on British television and has never since been repeated due to a high volume of complaints that the BBC received after it aired.

We spoke to Rich Lawden – who will also be attending – the director and co-producer of the Ghostwatch documentary Behind The Curtains, about this huge coup for the event.

They don’t make ’em like this anymore.
Thanks to an eerily-accurate foretelling of the future of television, journalism and the ever-developing role of audience participation, the enduring legacy of Ghostwatch remains both as relevant and potent as when it first aired, now over two decades ago.
I am thrilled that we’ll be screening Ghostwatch at Autumn: Horror In The East later this year. Least of all, as the flick has a habit of playing remarkably well, even to the most contemporary and self-assured of audiences. I am confident there will be the usual laughs, screams and gasps throughout – so be sure to mark this date in your calendar in order to avoid certain disappointment.
…Or a visit from Pipes. He doesn’t like no-shows.
To get your tickets for Autumn: Horror in the East and to find out more about the event as it becomes available check out the Autumn website.

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