Frightfest 2013 Film Review: The Conspiracy


“You’ll be talking about this one long after you’ve seen it!”

Yet another found-footage movie, albeit with an original slant. Two filmmakers are shooting a documentary about Terrance G, a renowned conspiracy theorist convinced that most historical events were staged by a secret society for profit. After Terrance mysteriously disappears, it’s up to the documentarians to pick up his investigation, which leads them into the shadowy Tarsus Club itself. The Conspiracy is a gripping look at secret societies and how powerful they may be; the final third at the Tarsus Club’s headquarters is incredibly tense as the filmmakers realise they’re in over their heads. You’ll be talking about this one long after you’ve seen it due to the questions it raises.


Director: Christopher MacBride
Writers: Christopher MacBride
Starring: Alan C Peterson, Aaron Poole, James Gilbert
Certificate: 18
Running time: 85 minutes
FrightFest Screening: 26 August 2013

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