Day One Bonus: They Don’t Come Home Anymore

They Don't Come Home Anymore T.E. Grau

Today marks the release of They Don’t Come Home Anymore by T.E. Grau. This is the landmark tenth This Is Horror publication and what a way to celebrate ten books, Dead End Follies describe They Don’t Come Home Anymore as “both a fragmented nightmare and a heartbreaking allegory you won’t forget anytime soon” and praise Grau as “not just a new, exciting voice in weird fiction, he is THE defining voice of the new generation.”

Last week we announced a pre-order bonus in the shape of exclusive eBook Triptych: Three Cosmic Tales plus tuckerisation in Grau’s forthcoming novel. Well, guess what? We’re extending that offer to Day One buyers. You want Triptych: Three Cosmic Tales? Order today and you’ve got it. Don’t forget to send proof of purchase to

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the links below and pick up a copy of They Don’t Come Home Anymore.

Buy They Don’t Come Home Anymore (US)

Buy They Don’t Come Home Anymore (UK)

With that said it’s over to T.E. Grau for the final word on release day:

I’m so excited for the official release of They Don’t Come Home Anymore. I feel like this book takes readers in a direction I haven’t yet gone as a writer, and hope that they enjoy Hettie’s view of this strange, often cruel world and the people, places, and things that populate it.
Of course, no book comes into being without a ton of help. First and foremost, I’d like to thank Ives Hovanessian for selecting the cover art and the amazing design of the cover (as well as creating the cover for Triptych: Three Cosmic Tales), which has really set the tone for the book to the public at large, and for me personally. This story is dedicated to her in so many ways. I’d like to thank Candice Tripp for the extraordinary artwork, and for being such a joy to work with. I look forward to future collaborations with her. I’d like to thank Michael David Wilson for being a consummate pro and champion for authors and their particular vision of their work, and tireless in his efforts to bring books to life. I’d like to thank Pye Parr for the excellent layout, and for Bob Pastorella for the high fives. The team at This Is Horror is first rate, and a credit to dark literature.
Finally, I’d like to extend my most humble thanks to each and every reader and supporter of They Don’t Come Home Anymore, both now and in the future. I’ve been immensely pleased by the feedback so far, and look forward to the book stepping out into the unsuspecting public and doing its weird work. I think there’s a little bit of Hettie Wexler in all of us.

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