The Cutting Room – Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4Frank West, hero of the original Dead Rising returns to Willamette, Colorado sixteen years after the original zombie outbreak to discover that Black Friday is about to get much nastier than it usually is. Fortunately he has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal, not to mention a super skeleton suit and dozens of vehicles.

Why we’re looking forward to this: The Dead Rising series of games has always been great fun, whether mowing zombies down with lawnmowers, driving through hordes of them with all manner of cars and trucks or creating wildly inventive and improbable weapons to engage is some side-splitting slaughter (and there’s a phrase you don’t read often).

We’re very happy then that Capcom has just announced the fourth game in the series that brings back original protagonist Frank West with his trusty camera, and from the look of the trailer (see below) it looks as though it’s not only more of the same gameplay that has entertained us for the last decade (if it ain’t broken and all that), but that it’s going back to its mall roots which should have anyone who has ever wanted to star in their own George A Romero film, running around shopping centres taking out legions of the undead, jumping for joy.

Having spent far too many hours in the Dead Rising universe, we here at This Is Horror are salivating at the prospect of all new weapon combinations (who can forget the rocket launcher / dildo combo from Dead Rising 3!) and getting covered in red all over again when the game hits the Xbox One in November.

Dead Rising 4 breaks out on Xbox One in November


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