25 Hours of the This Is Horror Podcast Patreon Challenge Left

You may remember that I told you about a challenge I undertook twenty-nine days back. I decided to create a 30 Day Challenge to double the This Is Horror Podcast’s support on Patreon whether it’s the total amount pledged or total number of patrons.

Right now we have $9 and 7 patrons until we hit that goal. We’re at $381 and 71 patrons. That’s an increase of $186 and 32 patrons.

Let’s go for gold and see if we can make it $390 and 78 patrons!

We added a brand new $4 Patreon reward recently that enables you access to interviews in full—right now you can experience the Paul Tremblay interview in its entirety weeks ahead of general release.

Coming soon we also have the second of our ‘patron only’ episodes.

And then there’s the small matter of supporting The Outer Dark Podcast, too.

But don’t take our word for it, as well as our old YouTube testimonial video, we have a couple of new testimonials from the one-and-only Jessica McHugh and a Metal Wolf summoned by the Sisters of Slaughter themselves (seriously).

Check out the testimonials and then if you’re convinced support us on Patreon.


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