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The Gorefather

Shaun Hutson This Is HorrorWelcome to Shaun Hutson’s monthly column. He has written over thirty novels since his debut Slugs back in 1982 – this was later made into a film.

Each month This Is Horror, or a guest, asks Shaun a question that forms the basis of his column.

August 2011: Do plots or characters come first when writing a novel?
September 2011: Writers: How to start a novel and how many drafts to write

October 2011: To cut or not to cut

November 2011: Examining screenwriting in genre

December 2011: How to cope with writer’s block
January 2012: Has traditional horror lost its identity?

February 2012: Book to Video Game Adaptations

March 2012: Does an author need an agent?

April 2012: Film to book adaptations


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