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V H LeslieV.H. Leslie delves into horror’s literary past to unearth its unsung and underappreciated heroes, whose contributions have made horror what it is today.

For more details about V.H. Leslie’s work please visit the V.H. Leslie website.

March 2013: Considering the legacy of women writers in horror fiction
April 2013: Lost in time: the wicked voice of Vernon Lee
May 2013: The Dark Romance of Ann Radcliffe
June 2013: Reflections of Rebecca
July 2013: The ghosts of Grant Allen
August 2013: H.G. Wells’ Manufactured Monsters
September 2013: Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
November 2013: Cabin Fever
December 2013: Off With His Head! Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Horror
January 2014: Told Round the Peat Fire
February 2014: Bad Things Come to Those Who Wait

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