5 Must Read Horror Articles – 26 August 2013

audition-horrorWelcome, once again, to Must Read Horror. You want great horror articles? This is the place to find the best the web has to offer. This week:

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Ten Classic Horror Movies That Suck (According to the Internet)

Opinions matter. Everyone has them, and unfortunately any dimwit with computer access and a basement (normally in the house that their overbearing mother still breastfeeds them in) can write an ill-informed and senseless review. Not even the classics are safe from these uncultured troglodytes, as this article from Bloody Disgusting demonstrates.

The Top 5 Takashi Miike Films

When you settle down to watch a Takashi Miike film, it’s probably best you don’t do so with your grandmother present. Unless she’s blind and deaf, in which case it’s probably fine. Over the years, Miike has become popular with his over-the-top cult horror and crime movies. Blood doesn’t just flow in a Takashi Miike film; it geysers. This article from Horror-Movies.ca picks out five of his best.

Why the British Are Frightfully Good at Horror

When people think of Britain, they see teabags, the crown jewels, asylum seekers, Hogwarts, and jigsaw puzzles with pictures of Big Ben on them. Then, while the images of Dumbledore making a pot of Earl Grey dissipate, they see something else us Brits are good at: Horror. This article from The Telegraph looks at why we’re so damn great at conjuring up nightmares.

Freddy Vs. Jason – Ten Years Later

It’s been ten years since one of the greatest horror films of our generation hit the big screen. It was terrifying; a genius piece of filmmaking, but that’s enough about Haute Tension. Also released in 2003 was the hotly-anticipated slash-‘em-up, Freddy Vs. Jason. Horror Homework looks back at the film that some critics are now calling, “Just about average.”

Horror as Metaphor: Dracula’s Daughter – Homosexuality and Vampirism

This article from Sound on Sight explores the first movie to portray any hint of homosexual bloodsucking, Dracula’s Daughter, and why subsequent vampire films often featured – and continue to feature – same sex eroticism.


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