5 Must Read Horror Articles 19 May 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where you will find upwards of four (five, to be exact) great horror articles on a weekly basis. This week:

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The Problem With Horror Musicals is Everything is Louder Than Everything Else

Following the recent release of horror musical Stage Fright, Indie Wire asks why, despite such clear potential, horror musicals haven’t quite taken the world by storm.

Zombie Zeitgeist: The Influences and Culture of Zombie Movies

With zombies more prevalent in literature, television, and movies than ever before – over ten billion zombie novels were released last year, or something like that – it’s evident that everyone’s favourite creature-of-the-moment is not going away any time soon, but where did it all start, where is it going, and what’s with all the damn social commentary? Horrormovies.ca investigates.

Sequels and Remakes: Return of the Living Dead

Speaking of zombies (don’t believe me? See above) this article from Horror News looks at the good and terrible sequels to the 1985 classic, Return of the Living Dead, a film adaptation so loosely based on John Russo’s novel of the same name that, even now, the author hasn’t noticed it’s been made.

HR Giger: Artist Whose Biomechanical Art Had Vast Influence on Game Design

Last week saw the sad and untimely death of a true visionary. Hans Rudolf Giger was an inspiration to so many, whether through his beautifully horrific paintings or superlative creature design (Alien, Poltergeist II: The Other Side, Species). This article from The Guardian, our first HR Giger piece this week, looks at Giger’s influence on videogame designers.

HR Giger and the Making of Alien

This wonderful in-depth article over at Den of Geek looks at Giger’s creature- and set-design, with particular attention paid to the film for which he’s best known: Alien (1979).


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