5 Must Read Horror Articles 16 December 2013


Christmas is almost upon us once again, but if you think all that merriment and silliness will stop us from finding the best horror articles of the week, think again. This week on Must Read Horror:

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Ho Ho Horrors – The Favourite Christmas Movies of Roger Corman, Mick Garris, Neil Gaiman, and More!

Ah, Christmas; my fourth favourite holiday after Halloween, Easter, National Soup Month, and Fruitcake Toss Day. What better way to celebrate this joyous holiday than to find out which festive movies hold a special place in the hearts of our favourite icons of horror. Thanks to FearNet, we can do just that.

Top Ten Scary Christmas Horror Movies

If you think about it too long, you might find the premise of a fat man in a costume, letting himself into your house by way of the chimney, a tad creepy. Don’t get me started on the fact that we’re supposed to feed and water this alcoholic chubby while this home invasion takes place. The true horror of Christmas (here’s a glass of sherry, please don’t murder us in our sleep!) can be found in these films, listed by Horrormovies.ca.

Resident Upheaval: The Grim Future of Survival Horror

Shuffling through an abandoned mansion, something moving up ahead, just enough light to see your handgun trembling in front of you; there was a time when survival horror was the scariest thing since Gerry Anderson’s Terrahawks. Where did it all go wrong? This article from Critics at Large endeavours to explain.

Haunted Holidays – Charles Dickens & Co.

If, like me, you love nothing more than curling up on a wintry night with a Cup-a-Soup, a pair of tartan zip-up slippers, and a good ol’ fashioned ghost story, then you’ll love this article from Tor.com.

Home Alone: A Horror Movie Disguised as a Holiday Favourite

Home Alone – or John Hughes’ Saw, as I like to think of it – has always been a festive favourite, but is it actually a Christmas movie, or a home invasion horror in which a psychotic child turns the tables on a couple of sexual predators before torturing them with blowtorches, spiders, and nine-inch-nails? Okay, maybe I went a bit far with that analogy. Perhaps Icons of Fright can explain it better.


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