5 Must Read Horror Articles 14 April 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror, the only place you can discover the best horror articles of the week whilst simultaneously wondering who the hell Adam Millard is. This week:

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The Ten Scariest Classic Radio Broadcasts of All Time

Back before the advent of television, people were strapped to chairs and forced to listen to something called ‘The Wireless’. Not only that, but they were coaxed into using their own imaginations as they listened. Some say this was cruel, but if, like me, you prefer a well-written and dramatic radio broadcast to most television, then you’re in for a treat as FearNet compile a list of ten of the scariest radio broadcasts of all time, and you can listen to them all, too.

Horror Spotlight: Mario Bava Part 1

Often considered a genius of Italian horror cinema, Mario Bava had a long and illustrious career in film. Twitch of the Death Nerve (1971) was one of the earliest true slasher movies, and he is almost single-handedly responsible for the giallo genre (see The Girl Who Knew Too Much). This article from Horrormovies.ca takes a look at the life and films of a horror legend.

The 10 Greatest Jump Scares in Horror History

We’ve all been there: one minute you’re sitting watching a particularly tense scene, the next you’re fishing popcorn out of the crotch of the person sitting behind you, or driving to the A&E in the hopes they can do something about your partner’s dislocated shoulder. The jump scare is, when used correctly, a great tool for horror filmmakers. Here, thanks to ReadingStory.com, are ten of the best pant-soilers.

Gun Control: How Indies are Keeping Horror Alive

It seems not a week goes by when I’m not pointing you in the direction of some gaming site, bitching and moaning about the end of horror and survival videogames. Well, NO MORE! Here is an article from Gameranx which suggests we have a lot to thank independent games developers for.

Toys of Terror #3

Fangoria’s new feature on horror toys and figures continues. This week the focus is on Diamond Select’s 7” Zombie Magneto, NECA’s ‘Spider-walk’ Reagan, and the Funko Pop! Vinyl figure of Trick ‘R Treat’s Sam.


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