5 Must Read Horror Articles 9 March 2020


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

LitReactor offer up a plan to keep the momentum from Women in Horror Month going all year round

With February having drawn to a close, and Women in Horror Month behind us for another year, Christopher Shultz at LitReactor picks out a plan for seasonally-themed horror reads from female-identifying authors for the whole year.

Mild SPOILERS: Bloody Disgusting look at gaslighting and how horror avoids it, through the lens of the new adaptation of The Invisible Man

Bloody Disgusting’s Julieann Stipidis looks at how horror has historically believed its women characters and avoided gaslighting, taking a deeper glance into this topic within the new adaptation of The Invisible Man.

Kendall Reviews begin a new series by writer David Sodergren, called Italian House of Horrors with a retrospective on director Lucio Fulci

Known for his harrowing horror fiction, such as The Forgotten Island and Night Shoot David Sodergren is also something of a film connoisseur (as anyone following his twitter account will already know. Here, in a new series for Kendall Reviews, David looks at the Italian masters of horror cinema, beginning with Lucio Fulci.

Electric Lit suggest seven horror stories on class, late-stage capitalism and its intersections with race, power and violence

Author Nino Cipri (Finna) selects seven horror stories which speak to the relationship between late-stage capitalism and race, power and violence.

The Gingernuts of Horror interview Catherine Cavendish about her new release, The Gardens of Bewitchment

Hot on the heels of the release of The Gardens of Bewitchment, through Flame Tree Press, The Gingernuts of Horror talk to Catherine Cavendish about the book and so much more.

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