5 Must Read Horror Articles 4 May 2015


Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in

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Six Horror Games to Help You Mourn Silent Hills

Following the news that the Kojima-Del Toro collaboration, Silent Hills, has been officially cancelled, VB looks at six alternative horror games to keep those joysticks (those are still a thing, right?) busy.

Nightmare Anniversary: 10 Years of “THE DEVIL’S REJECTS” and its Southern Fried Soundtrack

Tutti-fucking-Frutti, it’s been a whole decade since Baby, Spaulding, and Otis took to the road in the sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, and to celebrate that anniversary, Fangoria looks back at its outstanding soundtrack.

Face-Off: Scream 3 Vs Scream 4

With a Scream TV series on the horizon, Arrow in the Head compares the final two films in the franchise.

Adding Horror to Literary Fiction: Benjamin Percy Defies Genre Lines

A must read/must listen article from MPRNews, as Benjamin Percy discusses horror in literary fiction and his new novel, The Dead Lands.

Required Reading: 30 of the Best Horror Books

All ‘best-of’ lists are subjective, but this one from Paste Magazine is worth a look if you’re stuck for something creepy to read.


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