5 Must Read Horror Articles 30 January 2017


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Things are getting strange south of the border: The new wave of Mexican Horror

The Gingernuts of Horror offer a summary of the recent trend of seriously creepy cinema being produced in Mexico. The article begins with the more obvious Mexican horror exports like Guillermo Del Toro but also takes in a few features that may be new to genre fans.


Fifteen years on, Donnie Darko universe to be revisited

Bloody Disgusting’s John Squires catches up with Richard Kelly to discover why, fifteen years after the original release, he wants to produce a true follow up to the cult classic.


Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum to feature ‘one of the most dangerous paranormal possessions in the world.’

Dread Central’s Steve Barton delves in to the archives of a US-based haunted museum where Peggy the doll, said to be one of the most dangerous paranormal objects in existence, will be featured.

Tips on hiding and revealing your antagonist in horror writing from the American Horror Writers’ Association

Mac Childs of the Horror Writers’ Association gives some tips on how to hide or reveal your antagonist in his latest blog, entitled Peekaboo with the Devil.


The horror films that will blow everyone away in 2017

Joshua Millican at Horror Freak News previews the movies that will have everyone jumping out of their seats this year.


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