5 Must Read Horror Articles 27 April 2020


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

Mother Horror writes for Tor Nightfire on her favourite season: spring, and selects ten horrifying nature-focussed reads

Sadie Hartmann, aka Mother Horror, writes for Tor Nightfire on her favourite season: spring and chooses ten terrifying reads with a heavy dose of nature woven into them, some new and some from a few years back.

Ink Heist feature a new, previously unpublished story by the king of pain, John F. D. Taff

John F. D. Taff, like many horror writers, has been thinking of ways to alleviate people’s suffering during the coronavirus lockdown. Here, he shares a brand new, previously unpublished story, ‘The Shrive And The Madonna,’ with the help of Ink Heist.

Kendall Reviews have the latest of their Isolation Tales series, by bizarro writer Madeleine Swann

Continuing their Isolation Tales series of fiction posts to alleviate the boredom of lockdown, Kendall Reviews present a story by the inimitable Madeleine Swann, which was spawned only days before, inspired by a tweet. Intrigued? You should be.

The Gingernuts of Horror talk to Aaron A. Reed about his unique novel, Subcutanean

Daisy Lyle talks to Aaron A. Reed for The Gingernuts of Horror about his ambitious new novel project, Subcutanean, where no two copies of the book are quite the same.

Horror DNA feature a wide ranging interview with horror legend Felissa Rose

Horror DNA’s Stuart D. Monroe talks with Felissa Rose about her teen role, and that ending, in the cult classic, Sleepaway Camp, as well as her other roles as an actor and producer, as well as her podcast, ‘Casualty Friday’ which she co-hosts with Tiffany Shepis and Kane Hodder.

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