5 Must Read Horror Articles 25 May 2015


Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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The Philosophy of ‘Martyrs’: Transcendence in Torture

 One of the best films from the New French Extremity movement, Martyrs is certainly more than just 103 minutes of mindless gore. The Artifice looks at the philosophy of the movie The Times said this about: “All it really demonstrates is that there is something seriously rotten in the state of France.” I knew there was a reason I didn’t buy The Times.

How To Start Getting Into Horror Part 2: The Basics

Thinking about getting into horror and not sure where to start? Bloody Disgusting offers a few tips on how to ease yourself into the genre without shitting yourself to death.

How Horror Has Influenced Our Daily Lives?

I wake up, climb out of my faux-human-flesh bed, head into the bathroom where I brush my teeth with an Evil Dead toothbrush (they had sold out of Ghoulies ones) before pulling back my Psycho shower curtain and giving myself a jolly good seeing to (with the soap). How has horror influenced our daily lives? That’s a wonderful question, and to answer it is this brief article from Horror News.

Is It Still Terrifying?: Poltergeist (1982)

Creepy clowns, hungry trees, over-talkative television sets, midget mediums with goofy sidekicks – Poltergeist had it all, and with the remake about to piss off almost every fan of the original, the articles are coming thick and fast. This one, from Audiences Everywhere, asks if Tobe Hooper’s (Steven Spielberg’s, really, and we all know it) Poltergeist is still as terrifying as the day it was released.

The Oral History of the Human Centipede Movies

When Tom Six’s The Human Centipede (First Sequence) came out in 2010, it repulsed critics across the board and became a cult classic almost overnight. If the shenanigans of First Sequence weren’t enough, Six decided to up the ante for The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), offending the sensibilities of anyone with a soul and bringing joy to the rest of us. With the release of The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) almost upon us, Vulture takes a look back at the movies with a premise so crazy, I wish I’d written them.


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