5 Must Read Horror Articles 25 August 2014


Welcome, once again, to Must Read Horror, your weekly dose of notable horror articles. This week:

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Ring of Horror #1: The Horror-Wrestling Connection

This article, part one of a new column from Fangoria, looks at the link between horror and the phenomenon that is professional wrestling.

10 Dark and Disturbing Animated Films That Are Worth Your Time

Cartoons aren’t all jolly square-panted sponges and jaundiced families from Springfield. Some are darker than your average eclipse. This article from Taste of Cinema takes a look at ten animated films with disturbing undertones.

Daryl Dixon and the Importance of Gay Representation in Horror

It was announced this week that Daryl Dixon (of The Daryl Dixon Show (AKA The Walking Dead) might be gay. It was also announced that he might not be gay. Does it matter? Not really (except to the millions of female admirers ready to boycott the show if he starts getting down and dirty with Sgt. Abraham Ford) but this article from Icons of Fright explains why there should be gay representation in horror.

5 Torture Porn Scenes That Will Scar You For Life

Torture porn (with the emphasis on the word torture) is a sub-genre of horror whereby some poor bastard is, well, tortured – usually with very sharp implements, and usually for an extended period of time – by either an utter lunatic, a vengeful female, or a clandestine organisation who get their kicks from mutilating and butchering people for sport. We Got This Covered have put together their top five torture porn scenes, and why they will affect you for as long as you shall live (probably not).

Where in the Horror Are They Now? Corey Feldman!

From Tommy Jarvis (Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter) to Edgar Frog (The Lost Boys and its far inferior sequels), Corey Feldman has starred in his fair share of horror flicks. So what’s he up to these days? Hm? Arrow in the Head finds out.


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