5 Must Read Horror Articles 24 June 2019


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

SPOILERS: CBR shows a number of ways in which Child’s Play (2019) tweaks or even subverts horror clichés

Brandon Zachary, writing for CBR, points out a number of elements in this years Child’s Play remake, which show that the producers wanted to tweak some of the clichés of horror cinema.

The Independent newspaper feature a selection of the six-word horrors which have been circulating on Twitter

Horror fans who are well-connected online are likely to have seen some of the many six-word horror stories doing the rounds on Twitter last week. Lowenna Waters of The Independent collates some of the best ones in this article.

Colossal features the insectoid art of the UK’s Richard Wilkinson, whose most recent six-legged creations are inspired by cartoons and horror movies

UK-based artist Richard Wilkinson imagines new species of insect in his artwork. Colossal’s Andrew Lasane picks out some of his latest creations, among his most terrifying, which are inspired by horror movie characters and the cast of Looney Tunes cartoons.

Book Riot have a feature article picking out horror must-reads by people of colour

For those of us looking to diversify our TBR pile, Jessica Avery of Book Riot has done us all a big favour. Picking out twenty books by people of colour, among them novels, novellas and short story collections, there is certain to be something for everyone here.

Barnes and Noble’s blog features an interview with horror manga creator Junji Ito

Barnes and Noble’s Brigid Alverson talks to legendary Manga creator Junji Ito about how he got into manga, what fascinates him so much about the darker side of storytelling, and more besides.

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