5 Must Read Horror Articles 2 May 2016


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Halfway to Halloween: Walpurgisnacht is ‘Witches’ Night’

Dirge Magazine investigates the origins of Walpurgisnacht, believed to the be night of a witches’ meeting on the Brocken.

Frankenstein‘s Origins Can All Be Traced Back to a Violent Volcano

In this article, Tor looks at the how an Indonesian volcano—Mount Tambora—provided Mary Shelley with the inspiration to write Frankenstein (or The Modern Prometheus).

Horror VR: How Virtual Reality Might Spawn a New Age of Horror

By now we’ve all seen the video of the woman losing her shit while fending off an army of virtual reality zombies (if you haven’t, it’s at the link, and is hilarious, if you like that sort of thing). But just how awesome is horror VR going to be? The Independent looks into it.

Looking at the Best Thematic Horror Trilogies

Bloody Disgusting looks at some of the better thematic horror trilogies, including Chan Wook-Park’s ‘Vengeance Trilogy’, Dario Argento’s ‘Three Mothers Trilogy’, and Lucio Fulci’s ‘Gates of Hell Trilogy’.

Where in the Horror are they Now? Rutger Hauer

You know when you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you think is, “I wonder what Rutger Hauer is up to today…”? Well, wonder no more. Arrow in the Head has got you covered.


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