5 Must Read Horror Articles 16 May 2016


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In Which We Answer Who, What, Where, and Why

Brian Keene’s new column over at Cemetery Dance Magazine… what? You need more than that? Okay, Brian Keene talks about stuff here… go… for fuck’s sake!

The Flying Eyes: They Fly, They Drip, And They Hate America

Tor takes a look back at J Hunter Holly’s The Flying Eyes, a novel about eyes that fly.

Trapped on Tape: 10 Great Horror Movies that are Only on VHS

Your mom having sex with your uncle… is probably just one tape which is available on VHS (I’ve seen it, and it’s not as sexy as it sounds at all) but here, thanks to Blumhouse, are ten more horror movies available only on cassette tape.

‘Creep’ and the Horror of the Subtle Psychopath

We all know one. Mental, they are, but it’s best not to piss them off, lest you wake up with a a pair of genitals on your pillow. I’m talking, of course, about nutcases and psychopaths. Here, Bloody Disgusting takes a look at the subtle psycho.

Digital Nightmares: How Tech-Horror Became Russian Film’s Favourite New Genre

In this article, that well-known newspaper, The Calvert Journal, looks at Russia’s new favourite horror genre, Tech-Horror.


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