5 Must Read Horror Articles 16 Jul 2018


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Netflix announce Ghoul, a new three-part horror series from India

Anyone with half an eye on the global horror market will know that India’s horror offerings have been on the increase in recent years. This August, Netflix brings an Indian horror series, Ghoul, to a global audience. Starring Radhike Apte, Ghoul is set in a military facility where an interrogation takes a turn for the supernatural.

Buzzfeed look back through their childhood VHS library and pick out thirteen films which were more horror than kid-friendly

Buzzfeed’s Allie Hayes has a list of thirteen films she watched as a child and still inform her therapy sessions today. These are films which were made for kids but really ought to have been classified as full-blooded horror.

Paste Magazine dig around for classic horror video games that will still make you shudder

Holly Green of Paste Magazine delves into horror video games of days past and picks out five classics that will still induce scares aplenty.

Maxim Magazine have a feature article on the new Stephen King series, Castle Rock

Maxim’s Steve Huff writes with excitement about the classic stories we can see referenced in Hulu’s forthcoming series, Castle Rock, set in the fictional location of the same name, created by Stephen King.

Kendall Reviews interviewed horror legend Ray Garton

Kendall Reviews caught up with the author of Live GirlsNight LifeCrawlersRavenous and countless other works, to find out about the man himself, his writing and the new novel he is working away on.

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