5 Must Read Horror Articles 16 December 2019


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Indiewire choose twelve example of outstanding horror shot by female directors

Ryan Lattanzio chooses twelve examples of horror movies shot by female directors that help get the message home that horror is a genre with growing diversity and that means better film and fiction for all of us.

Ink Heist bring you brand new fiction by Cynthia Pelayo

A new, previously unpublished story by Cynthia Pelayo (The Missing), titled ‘The Red Dress’ is up for you to read now, for free on Ink Heist. And it’s an adaptation of a Richard Matheson story with Pelayo’s unique, haunting spin on it. Go and read this right now!

Tony Jones continues his important work unearthing gems in YA genre fiction, this time focussing on trilogies

The Gingernuts of Horror’s Tony Jones continues his wonderful series picking up YA genre fiction titles, now focussing on the trilogy as a powerful medium within which to deliver a story. He picks out some memorable examples from the YA genre world.

The Ladies of Horror Fiction have an excellent, comprehensive Christmas gift giving guide for those who celebrate

The Ladies of Horror Fiction pick up wonderful bookish gifts within the realms of poetry, fiction and non-fiction by female authors. But beyond that, they also select ideas from horror-inspired creatives in the areas of art prints, candles, bookmarks and much more besides.

Dead Head Reviews talk to the immensely talented S. H. Cooper

Garrett Witt talks to The Festering Ones author S. H. Cooper about her latest release, her work in podcasts and YA fiction, being a woman in horror and much more.

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