5 Must Read Horror Articles 15 July 2019


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:


Indiewire highlight some of the best acting performances in horror cinema over the years

David Erlich at Indiewire picks up on the rave reviews for performance of Florence Pugh in Midsommar and picks out some other acting masterclasses from horror cinema history.

Stephen King shares his twenty-two favourite horror movies with Joblo.com

The master of horror fiction looks ahead to the release of the second instalment of the adaptation of It, by picking out twenty-two of his favourite horror films.

Road to VR have exciting news for PS4 owners with news of Rise of Insanity arriving on the console

After no small measure of success for the psychological horror title on Steam, Scott Hayden of Road to VR spills the beans on a PS4 adaptation of Rise of Insanity. The article includes a trailer.

Atmostfear try to answer the age-old question of exactly why people love horror and misery

Atmostfear’s Alex De Borba tries to outline the reasons that people enjoy themes such as horror and misery in their media.

The Gingernuts of Horror talk to Louis Greenberg about his new book, Green Valley

The Gingernuts of Horror run an interview they conducted with author Louis Greenberg on the sidelines of the Cymera festival, about his new book Green Valley and more.

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