5 Must Read Horror Articles 11 Jun 2018


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

The New York Times have a wonderful feature article on Hereditary and the shift in the horror film genre towards subtler forms of terror

Mark Pernice of the New York Times writes a fascinating article about the change in horror movies over the past few years, with bigger releases, big-name actors and scares that bubble away relentlessly, from start to finish.

What Culture have a feature on ten horror movies whose protagonists deserved their grisly deaths

What Culture’s Helen Jones lists ten horror movies whose protagonist’s actions are so unforgivable that they deserved to die.

The AV Club look back at the classic film Jacob’s Ladder, twenty-eight years after its release

Clayton Purdom of The AV Club looks back at Jacob’s Ladder, starring Tim Robbins, underlining how the 1990 film delivers its scares so very well.

Atmostfear Entertainment have a fascinating feature article on paradoxical duality in horror

Maria Antónia Lima and Alex de Borba collaborate to produce an article that looks at the horror genre over many decades, pulling out a paradoxical duality which is shown to continue to hold true in horror fiction today.

Adam L.G. Nevill links to his recent, fascinating interview with the Lovecraft eZine about all things Supernatural horror

Adam L. G. Nevill recently caught up with Mike Davis on the Lovecraft eZine and had a fascinating conversation on all things supernatural horror, and more besides. Here, Adam points his readers to the audio and video versions of this rich conversation.

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