3 Must Read Horror Articles

aokigaharaThis week on Must Read Horror Articles:

  • Top 10 Worst Horror Villains
  • Japan’s Haunted Forest of Death
  • What is a novel worth?

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Top 10 Worst Horror Villains

You may have seen a list of top 10 best villains in horror, but how about a top 10 worst? There’s a very silly selection here from Martin of The Human Centipede 2  to the tomatoes from the film Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

If you are looking for silly horror films to watch over the summer, then this will be a great guide.

Aokigahara: Japan’s Haunted Forest of Death

If you’re a horror fan that loves creepy and unusual places, then this article is a must. It describes Japan’s Forest of Death, also known as Suicide Forest, Sea of Trees and Japan’s Demon Forest. Aokigahara is the world’s second most popular place for suicide. So it’s unsurprising that there have been over 500 confirmed suicides since the 1950s. To both ghost-hunters and sceptics alike this is a very chilling place to read about.

What is a novel worth?

Gary McMahon’s latest entry on his insightful blog features his thoughts on the pressures of writing, the effort put into writing a novel and how it affects the worth of a product.


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