Look Out For … Electric Dreamhouse

img_2057Look Out For … Electric Dreamhouse

“These books are clearly labours of love for the authors involved, personal responses to films that they’ve watched over and over.”

Imagine if you will that the BFI had a disreputable cousin‎, a Northern Grindhouse with tastes a little darker and stranger. With staff who love their movies with a passion that borders on religious zeal, who know you by name and welcome you in as they throw the doors open at midnight… whose programming runs the gamut of worldwide genre film making, praising the strange, the unusual, the weird and forgotten.

Sounds good?

‎Then step inside the Electric Dreamhouse! A new cinema imprint from PS Publishing and Editor Neil Snowdon (We Are The Martians: The Legacy Of Nigel Kneale).

Launching this year at FantasyCon By The Sea with Midnight Movie Monographs–an ongoing series dedicated to outstanding genre titles that just don’t get the attention elsewhere.

Written by genre authors, film makers and some of the finest critical voices on the scene, bringing a unique perspective to films they love, these are not dry academic texts. They are passionate, in depth celebrations that go deep, from writers who know and love the genre inside out. Expert–indeed award winning!–practitioners in their field.

Electric Dreamhouse… Projections from the heart of genre cinema.

img_2056Why We’re Excited About This Book:

Electric Dreamhouse is a new imprint of P.S. Publishing, dedicated to the best critical writing about horror films. The imprint is the brainchild of Neil Snowden, a passionate and knowledgeable movie fan and editor– and what he has in store for horror cinema fans looks absolutely fantastic.

The first two books to launch (at Fantasycon 2016) are part of the Midnight Movie Monographs series: well-known authors write about a favourite film. And what better way to start than with John Llewellyn Probert writing about Theatre Of Blood and Jez Winship about Martin? These books are clearly labours of love for the authors involved, personal responses to films that they’ve watched over and over again. As such they sizzle with insight, cinematic knowledge and passion.

As you’d expect from PS Publishing, the books themselves are beautiful looking, with distinctive red and white artwork. The volumes are being released as numbered hardbacks and will likely be highly collectable.

The list of films which will feature in future volumes of Midnight Movie Monographs reads like the line-up of the cinema convention of your dreams: The Brood; The Stone Tape; Martyrs; Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me; The Tenant; Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed; Let’s Scare Jessica To Death; Blood On Satan’s Claw… and that’s not even half of them. The authors of these monographs include horror novelists, film directors, cinema critics and broadcasters.

P.S. Publishing and Neil Snowdon should be applauded for such an ambitious and exciting new project. Electric Dreamhouse and the Midnight Movie Monologues showcase popular film criticism of the highest calibre; here’s hoping they go from strength to strength.

Theatre Of Blood by John Llewellyn Probert is out on 23 September 2016 from Electric Dreamhouse.

Martin by Jez Winship is out on 23 September 2016 from Electric Dreamhouse.


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