TIH 037: Josh Malerman on The Film Adaptation of Bird Box, Story Ideas and Intimidating Writers

Josh Malerman

In this podcast Josh Malerman talks about Universal Studios and the film adaptation of Bird Box, his novella Ghastle and Yule and writers that intimidate him. 

About Josh Malerman

Josh Malerman is the author of the novel Bird Box and the novella Ghastle and Yule. He’s also the lead singer/songwriter for the band the High Strung. He lives in Ferndale, Michigan with his fiancee Allison Laakko.

Show notes

  • [01:35] Interview start/readings in strange settings
  • [02:50] Universal Studios and Bird Box
  • [17:00] Interlude (taken from ‘007’ by Warrenpeace)
  • [17:40] This Is Horror Awards: Richard Thomas, John F Taff, Stephen Graham Jones
  • [22:25] Bird Box – juggling scenes and the order of the book
  • [27:25] Story ideas and starting points
  • [31:00] Ghastle and Yule
  • [41:45] Writers that intimidate Josh


Bird Box by Josh Malerman (UK)
Bird Box by Josh Malerman (US)
Thought Catalog: ‘Bird Box’ Named Horror Novel Of The Year

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