Your Chance to Win a Paperback Edition of Mojo Rising by Bob Pastorella

Want a chance to win a free, signed paperback of Bob Pastorella’s weird crime novella, Mojo Rising? Of course you do. Sit back a spell and listen to what the Lizard King has to say…

The Lizard King Speaks

How’s everybody doin’? Looking good, and everything is strange days over here again. I want to tell you a story, but my memory’s not as good as it used to be. The details, like grains of sand flowing through my fingertips. The first time we all got together, we played a couple of songs, but that first song, “Moonlight Drive”…“Moonlight Drive”, oh man. That was it.

Ray and John were showing Robby the breaks, the melody, and damn, when Robby pulled this thing from his guitar case, this beautiful mortal instrument of sonic love, everything got all fucked up, as usual. Ray flipped out at the sight of it, I remember that. He was wondering if Robby aimed to kill everyone with it. But when he used it on his guitar, I knew we had to have it. I wanted it on every song. Of course, that would have eventually been boring, but it was so beautiful. Screams of a butterfly, man…screams of a butterfly. That’s all I remember. Well, no, I remember Robby made this thing himself, something so simple, but so beautiful it hurt. Wish I could remember it all. The details, grains of sand. Grains of sand.

Please help Jim remember exactly what it was that Robby used at the first rehearsal of the Doors. The object itself is not uncommon for guitarists, but the material used, the exact material used, is the answer we seek. Best answer wins a paperback copy of Mojo Rising. The exact correct answer wins a paperback of the book and an additional special gift directly from Bob Pastorella. Just email your answers to with the subject line Mojo Giveaway by 20 June 2016. The winner will be notified via email by 25 June 2016. In the event no one gets the correct answer, winners will be chosen by numerical randomizer.

In the meantime, why not take a gander at the special playlist designed specifically around Mojo Rising? Embrace the weird. Embrace the mojo.

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Mojo Rising Paperback

A new drug called Mojo is tearing through Southeast Texas, directly competing with Juney’s own product. What starts as a minor annoyance quickly spirals into something much more serious once Juney discovers his cook murdered and his brother mysteriously missing, the Mojo trademark left at the crime scene. Mojo Rising is a strange trip through a world of thugs and junkies, hallucinations and apocalypses. Some doors you walk through, you can’t come back in.

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