Win Zombie Flesh Eaters Steel Book Edition

Zombie Flesh EatersTo coincide with the release of the brand new Steel Book Edition of Zombie Flesh Eaters on blu-ray we’re launching a very special competition in which two of you will win the aforementioned Zombie Flesh Eaters and one of you will also see your fiction published on the This Is Horror website.

The Rules

  1. Write an original flash fear story between 750 and 1,000 words.
  2. Send the Flash Fear to with the subject line ‘Zombie Flesh Fear Competition’ by Friday December 14, 2012 11PM, GMT.

The judges for this competition are our editor, Michael Wilson, renowned short story expert and reviewer, Adam Millard and film, media and fiction specialist, John Costello. We will be looking for originality and something which creates a very visceral reaction – either make us laugh or shake with fear.

First prize is a copy of the brand new edition of Zombie Flesh Eaters and your Flash Fear up on the This Is Horror website.

Second prize is a copy of the brand new edition of Zombie Flesh Eaters and the acknowledgement that you were the runner-up so, let’s face it, must have also written a pretty good story. Bragging rights optional.

Note: Zombie Flesh Eaters is available as a prize for B-region blu-ray, so whilst this is open internationally please do make sure you have the means to play it.

Best of luck!


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  1. I have started to like watching the zombies tearing the flesh out of an unlucky human and man the screaming use to get to me so bad, but now, I sit back with my 14 year old daughter, wild-eyed and giggly and say, baby girl, the very first zombies, night of the living dead will make your skin crawl more than these new bad boys does. The zombies are rising and we’re their prey, so lock your doors and pray they don’t get in… Or Your It! Oh, and yes, I plan to enter that contest because I have some flesh eating characters that will creep and crawl your flesh out!

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