What are your must read horror articles?

Must Read Articles

Photo by Diego Sevilla Ruiz

Last week we announced 5 Must Read Horror Articles. If you would like to suggest a Must-Read Horror Article then send Michael@ThisIsHorror.co.uk an e-mail with the subject title ‘Must Read Article’.

Rules are as follows:

  1. This cannot be a link to your own website/article.
  2. This must be an article/feature and does not include reviews.
  3. The article must have been published between the previous Friday and following Thursday.
  4. E-mails must reach Michael by Thursday 8PM, GMT to be considered.
  5. You must genuinely believe the article is a must-read for all horror fans.

You may submit suggestions for must read horror articles every week, although there is a limit of three suggestions per person.


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