Wayne Simmons and Andre Duza unleash voodoo horror

Wayne SimmonsHot off the release of Fever, Wayne Simmons has confirmed that he will be teaming up with fellow horror hack Andre Duza for an exciting collaboration.

Whilst few details have been announced thus far, the work is described as a voodoo-tinged slasher horror novel that is set in 80s Louisiana.

Wayne Simmons says, After interviewing Andre back in 2006, I knew he was a writer I’d love to work with one day. Like myself, Andre’s a fan of old-school horror such as HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13th, the type of classic horror movie this book will pay homage to. It’s going to be a riot. “

Andre Duza says, I didn’t even need to read past the subject line of Wayne’s email, ‘Horror collab project’ to decide that I was in. Wayne Andre Duzaand I have been fans of each other’s work for years so it’ll be exciting to see what kind of noise we make together. Hold on to your hats people!

Wayne Simmons is the author of a variety of apocalyptic novels including Flu, Fever and Drop Dead Gorgeous. David Moody says of his latest tome, “Fever wears its reanimated heart proudly on its sleeve. Simmons builds on the nightmare world he created in Flu and manages to make it even more horrific and diseased. A sequel which surpasses the original.”

Andre Duza is a bizarro author who doesn’t hold  back when putting pen to paper. His titles include Dead Bitch Army, Jesus Freaks and Necro Sex Machine. Brian Keene says of Andre, “Andre Duza is one of the most exciting new voices in horror fiction. His prose hits like a fist full of razor blades. Get in line early and enjoy the hell out of the ride.”

Whilst it’s difficult to know what exactly to expect from either of these exciting writers, Wayne’s past work and the voodoo reference does make us wonder whether we have a zombie-based slasher on our hands. Expect a novel that’s colourful, over-the-top, violent and a whole lot of fun.

As soon as we have more information we’ll let you know.


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