TTA Press Announce Novella Series

EyepenniesTTA Press have announced their own new line of novellas that will be launched very soon. TTA have taken this decision to try and promote high quality stories that were too long to fit into Black Static or Interzone but still deserved celebrating in their own right.

The initial novellas will be written by authors with close links to TTA Press. The debut novella in the series is Eyepennies by Mike O’Driscoll, which will be followed very swiftly by Spin from Nina Allan. The third title in the series will be Cold Turkey by Carole Johnstone.

Andy Cox from TTA Press said “TTA Novellas are a natural extension of what we already do, and such an obvious development I can’t believe it’s taken me nearly twenty years to get around to it!”

The novellas will be available to buy as single issues or as part of a subscription service. TTA will announce more details and further titles throughout the year.


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