TOD 125 Weird Bites: The Outer Dark Community Day 2023

The Outer Dark presents Weird Bites, flash readings and panel from our The Outer Dark  Weird/SpecLit Community Day 2023 featuring Sara Amis, Gerald L Coleman, Nancy A Collins, Melanie Crew, Edward Austin Hall, Alex Hofelich, Jess Lewis, Kyoko M, Violette L. Meier, Kitty Sarkozy, Eric Schaller, Polly Schattel, Michael Wehunt, Kortney Y. Watkins, Can Wiggins, and Lisa Yaszek. This podcast’s content was recorded on August 5, 2023 at Eagle Eye Books in Atlanta, GA. 

Show Notes

The Outer Dark presents Weird Bites, flash readings and a panel from The Outer Dark  Weird/SpecLit Community Day 2023. The 5-minute readings are in this order: Sara Amis (0:06:03), Can Wiggins (0:11:40), Kyoko M(0:15:56), Eric Schaller (0:22:13), Melanie Crew (0:25:58), Polly Schattel (0:29:46), Gerald L Coleman(0:35:03), Nancy A Collins (0:40:59), Jess Lewis (0:46:29), Violette L. Meier (0:52:17), Michael Wehunt (0:57:12), and Lisa Yaszek (1:02:34), editor and Regents Professor of Science Fiction Studies at Georgia Tech, reading Gayle N. Netzer’s ‘Hey Lilith’.  A panel (1:08:54) moderated by Edward Austin Hall follows, featuring Lisa Yaszek, Kortney Y. Watkins, Alex Hofelich, Kitty Sarkozy, The Outer Dark host Anya Martin, and audience participation.  Discussion focuses on what people, including audience members, are reading now and want to be reading, and in which format (print or digital, hardcover or soft). Also Lisa Yaszek talks about her fascinating research into writer Francis Stevens, the ‘Mother of Dark Fantasy’, and pioneering Weird Tales cover artist Margaret Brundage. This podcast’s content was recorded on August 5, 2023 at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Atlanta, GA. 

SAVE THE DATES:  You’re invited to Atlanta on Saturday March 23, 2024, for our second free public day of Weird SpecLit Community including afternoon panels/readings at an Atlanta-area bookstore and an evening social event. Our preliminary line-up includes Sara Amis, Natania Barron, Jesse Bullington, Nancy A Collins, Melanie Crew, Kristi DeMeester, Craig Laurance Gidney, Edward Austin Hall, Jess Lewis, Kyoko M, Ian MacDowell, Violette L Meier, Hysop Loreal Mulero, Dayna Noffke, Joanna Roye, Kortney Y. Watkins, Michael Wehunt, Can Wiggins, and Brent Winter. Sign up for our email list here.

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Show Credits

Hosts/Producers: Scott Nicolay and Anya Martin

Co-Host, News from The Weird: Justin Steele

Co-Host, Reviews from The Weird: Gordon B. White

Symposium Assistant Director: Melanie Crew

Symposium Programming Coordinator: Jess Lewis

Symposium Logistics: Melissa Eisner

Logo Design: Nick “The Hat” Gucker

Music: Michael Griffin

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