TOD 112 Dark Factory: Kathe Koja and John Skipp in Conversation

The Outer Dark presents Dark Factory: Kathe Koja and John Skipp in Conversation. This podcast’s content was recorded in early August 2022. 

Show Notes

This mind-blowing conversation between two of our favorite people from the horror and Weird community features John Skipp in his The Outer Dark podcast debut in conversation with Kathe Koja about her latest novel Dark Factory, out from Meerkat Press in May 2022. A pioneering author of the contemporary Weird, Koja always pushes the boundaries of spec-lit, and this time she’s completely immersing readers in the virtual nightclub world . As most of you know, John is not only one of the founders of splatterpunk and a bestselling author of horror/Bizarro but also a talented rock musician. One warning if you haven’t read Dark Factory yet, this is a dig-deep interview with spoiler warning. This podcast’s content was recorded in early August 2022. 

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Co-Host, Reviews from The Weird: Gordon B. White

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