TOD 032 THEY REMAIN: A Special Presentation on the New Film

In this podcast Scott Nicolay goes behind the lens of They Remain, adapted from the story ‘–30–‘ by Laird Barron, with Director/Screenwriter Philip Gelatt, Cinematographer Sean Kirby, and Artist Jeanne D’Angelo. Plus special guest Bill Campbell of Rosarium Publishing on Sunspot Jungle and  an update on The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2018.

The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird is a unique immersive one-day event featuring approximately 12 hours of panels, readings, signings and social activities centered around contemporary Weird and speculative fiction. The second annual symposium will be held Sat. March 24, 2018 at the Winchester Mystery House. one of the Weirdest Places in the U.S. Limited to 75 attendees. Support the Indiegogo campaign here. Buy your memberships here.

Outer Dark Symposium Update & Bill Campbell of Rosarium

Scott updates listeners on the latest news about The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2018 including three new sponsors (see Additional Links below), the Indiegogo campaign, and the contents reveal of the program chapbook available also to supporting members. Plus congrats to recent The Outer Dark guests Christina Sng and Stephen Graham Jones for their 2017 Bram Stoker Awards. Then (00:04:15) writer/editor/publisher Bill Campbell of Rosarium Publishing joins Scott to talk about the upcoming Sunspot Jungle anthology, assembling the amazing table of contents including ‘fun discoveries’ and ‘lots of asking’, celebrating Rosarium’s fifth anniversary, the Kickstarter campaign including its exciting International artists stretch goal, and his global vision of speculative literature ‘reflect[ing] the world that we live in’.

Show Notes

“They Remain” concept poster by Jeanne D’Angelo

(00:17:04) Scott Nicolay goes behind the lens of They Remain, adapted from the story ‘–30–‘ by Laird Barron, with Director/Screenwriter Philip Gelatt, Cinematographer Sean Kirby, and Artist Jeanne D’Angelo (They Remain poster) including its national theatrical release starting this month (March 9: Atlanta & Los Angeles), Sean’s past Weird work on Cthulhu (2007), how Phil and Sean connected, sense of place in Weird fiction and infusing ‘landscape with toxicity’, Jeanne’s balance of mood and marketing in designing the beautifully leafy Weird poster, deleted scenes and music in the upcoming Blu-ray extras, favorite Weird films, when ‘it’s time for this monkey to go to heaven’ and other director-cinematographer shorthand, shooting for -30- days, fun when screenwriting, making the most of the location, a random bear, homages to Phase IV (1974), filming in Karl Edward Wagner/Lee Brown Coye ‘Sticks’ territory, a horror movie or a Weird movie(?), quoting Lovecraft, Phil’s other Weird movie Europa Report (2013), good and bad science in science fiction movies, Tarkovsky’s Stalker (1979), what’s next for Phil including hand-animated rotoscope sword and sorcery film The Spine of Night featuring Betty Gabriel (Get Out), his dream of adapting M. John Harrison, what’s next for Sean and Jeanne, a last ‘juicy anecdote’ from the filming involving lead actors William Jackson Harper and Rebecca Henderson, and more.

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Show Credits

Host/Executive Producer: Scott Nicolay

Co-Host, News From the Weird: Justin Steele

Associate Producer/Show Notes: Anya Martin

Logo Design: Nick “The Hat” Gucker

Music: Michael Griffin

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